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Managed Services & Cloud Services
Provider in Houston Texas

DNA Computing Systems, Inc. is a US Based computer company in the heart of Houston, Texas. At DNA Computing Systems Inc, we will monitor and manage the underlying I.T. on-premise and cloud infrastructure so that it is efficient, secure, scalable, and cost effective. As the world continues to move to a cloud-centric approach, we are confident that our solution will allow you to leverage the power of the cloud-based platform.

Connect 'IT' everywhere from anywhere...

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services reduce the headaches and costs associated with you trying to manage and support your IT yourself. Let us free you up to concentrate on your primary business objectives -- getting leads, improving sales, keeping customers happy, and tapping into new sources of revenue.

Data Protection

Businesses that lack a thorough data backup and recovery plan risk more than just their data, they risk losing their entire business. DNA Computing Systems Inc offers complete backup and recovery options for companies needing to safeguard vital information against loss due to theft, natural disaster, and unauthorized access.

On-Site Support

We’ll provide you with expert support, reducing hassles and keeping your employees focused and productive. Save time and resources by outsourcing your IT needs.

About Us


Our mission is to bring enterprise-level infrastructure and support to small and mid-sized businesses without the high cost of ownership. We want to help businesses focus on their products and services and not waste time and energy on the technology behind it.


Our focus is tailored to excellent customer service, customer trust, and managed solutions for small/mid-sized businesses. Being in the business since 1997 and having staff certified with Microsoft and Cisco, we can ensure that we will take care of your technology needs.

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