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Managed Cybersecurity Services Houston Texas

Cyberthreats are becoming more sophisticated in this day and age, which is why cybersecurity needs to be high on the list of priorities when it comes to securing your corporate data and applications. Our Cybersecurity Solution provides a proprietary policy driven Ring-Fencing Technology which comprises of a Zero-Trust Policy.  When it comes to the security paradigm its  adding layers of bricks around your moat, considering Antivirus is not the all-in-one security solution for the corporate networks. Our Cybersecurity Ring-Fencing Solution stops Ransomware Attacks or any other Stealth Mode Attacks on any network or compute device. We have Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) put in place. MDR provides security monitoring and management across an organization’s entire IT environment and EDR endpoint security solution that continuously monitors end-user devices.

DNA Computing Systems, Inc. offers complete backup recovery and cyber security options for companies needing to safeguard vital information against loss due to theft, natural disaster, and unauthorized access. With our tailored, scalable approach to each client, our team can assist you in identifying critical gaps in your security and developing a unique plan to cover those vulnerabilities and safeguard your data. Even with the digital security, your resources are still limited, and these processes still require manpower.

The cost of a breach of any kind, be it an attack or an incident, is always going to be a setback for your business and your resources. DNA Computing Systems, Inc. will help to prevent breaches and always be available to control and remediate when a breach occurs. We can help ensure your data protection and security is running efficiently without loss of profit or waste of resources. Your organization will stay up to date on the leading digital security practices and regulation compliance.

Cyber Security